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Mobile Apps Development
The team of highly skilled professionals doing apps development over the years is with us. Metdort is known for his professional work and innovative ideas in this field. we build cross-platform apps that work on any device. If you are looking for a mobile application for your business, our professional app developers are at your service.
Unity 3D Game Development
In addition to Android and ios Apps, we also have expertise in unity 3d games development. we have professional 3d game developers on board. We build high-performance games that can be run on any leading operating system regardless of compatibility issues. If you want to design a game for you, we can help to build perfection.
Website Design and Development
we are a premier website design and development company, specializing in static and dynamic web applications. We are also offering a secure e-commerce website for your online business. Our cutting edge and dynamic web development services are ideal for small to medium scale projects. Metadort is a well-established and skilled digital company that will take your business from imagination to reality.
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Established in 2016, with a focus and firm aim to make a presence in the digital world based out of US and Pakistan. We have vast experience in 3d unity games, mobile apps, and web applications.
We have a strong belief in creativity and support creative minds. Creativity in development is something that you do with passion and reflects the best in you.
The flexibility in design and code provide the ease of doing changes in design and code blocks to maintain requirements according to the need of the hour. Flexibility in design and code empowers you.
Freedom is necessary for mind storming and think out of the box. Design freedom will bring out innovation and creativity in product design and development.
Focusing on the simplicity of app, design, and development is our top priority as it helps to build the app in an easy, efficient, and better way as well as enhance the user experience.
Customization is the process of understanding the need for a project and then change your development and strategy to fulfill the demand and concerns of the project. We work on customization and recreation.
We actively offer after-sale services and technical support to our mobile apps, 3D unity game development, and web development. We honor our clients and always there to support in case of any problem because we want that you don't bother anything.
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Do you have any questions regarding how it works? Here are some frequently asked queries. If you have any other, don’t hesitate,just contact us, we’ll respond as soon as we are able.

Yes, we work on other platforms as it depends on the nature of the project.

The timespan may vary application to application. It relies on what kind of application or game and functionalities you want.

You can reach us in case of any complication. You can find details on our contact page.

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